Doing Business with Varioline Intercool

At Varioline Intercool, one of our strategic priorities is to create a winning and value-based culture. How do we achieve this? By establishing relationships with suppliers who can help us to do business in a manner that is ethical and socially-responsible. We recognize that they are critical to the success of our business, which is why we invest in nurturing our working relationships, not only for the profitability of the business, but to also demonstrate our corporate social responsibilities.

Because of the indispensable role of our suppliers in our success as a business, we employ a comprehensive process in evaluating who we will be working with. We do not choose our suppliers only on the basis of who can provide us with the lowest price. We make sure that quality is never compromised. The selection is a stringent process, which involves a thorough evaluation of all possible choices. In the end, we choose our suppliers based on how their principles are aligned with ours, anticipating that we will be working altogether to deliver a better brand to our customers.

Working Together - Building successful relationships

We believe collaboration and innovation across our supply chain are critical to allow us to deliver our sustainability targets. Together with our suppliers we aim at creating mutual value. Equally, we are committed to engaging and working with business partners that will help us deliver our ambitious sustainability plan.

Further Resources

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