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Varioline Services (Pvt) Ltd is a leading HVACR Regional post sales services provider with a network comprising over 1,000 trained technicians. Standard operating procedures complying with health, safety and environmental regulations coupled with rigorous training of our extensive service network personnel ensure quality and efficient services.

The company provides the following services:

V Serve Logo Technical Training Programs
V Serve Logo Coolers Placement + Installation
V Serve Logo Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
V Serve Logo Refurbishment
V Serve Logo Disposal

What you should expect from V-Serve:

V Serve Logo A one-stop-solution for all your ICM in the field (including third-party equipment)
V Serve Logo Manufacturer’s experience
V Serve Logo Supply and use of original spare parts
V Serve Logo Enhanced economies of scales and scope
V Serve Logo A committed long-term partner

What V-Serve can do for you?

V Serve Logo Increase Sales and Profits
V Serve Logo Increase Return on Investment
V Serve Logo Reduce Operating Costs
V Serve Logo Enhance Brand Image Awareness and Operational Availability
V Serve Logo Ensure Quality and Efficiency